Cheers to a start of Winter season


Hey there readers, I hope you’re all ready for Winter’s anime season! I sure am! I’m glad to say that I opened my season with Seitokai Yakuindomo season 2, and I have to say, it was a lot better than I had expected.

The first episode was subbed and released today on Now, you’re probably wondering whats the big deal. Well, I didn’t check the air dates on any of the series I decided to keep up with, so it’s a lot more exciting to find out when it does air. But anyway, let’s get to whats new about season 2, if you’re familiar with the series.


Now here’s the general idea of the first season. All girls high school goes co-ed, tons of perverted jokes, and a lot of comedic features around sexual activities. Of course, there is no sexual activities actually going on IN the series, since it’s mainly a comedy series.


So what’s new about season 2? Well, I’d have to say, the animation in the preview was absolutely stunning, and I thought, ‘Previews are always animated better than the actual series.’ Well, I thought wrong. The series’ animation is amazing, compared to season 1. I absolutely love the new CG for season 2. I don’t want to spoil anything for you readers but, you’ll be surprised at how much detail was put into the animation for this series. Of course it’s not the BEST animation, but I’d have to give the animation for the first episode a solid 9/10. Reason being that the producers utilize detailed surroundings while still maintaining the comedic style of the characters and scenes. I absolutely love detailed surroundings, because it goes to show that the animators focused on little details instead of just producing a series to meet deadlines.


Here’s a screen cap of episode 1 of season 2. Of course it’s not one that shows how well the animation is in this season, but if you noticed, there’s a lot more characters now. That means more girls to add to harems or propose to be your waifu!! I’m definitely excited to see more screen time for all of the newer characters, and I definitely look forward to seeing what this season will dish out this time. The first season had me laughing left and right with all the punch lines and all, but overall just a comedy anime that doesn’t feel forced.

I also love their new OP song, which is very catchy in my opinion. So I definitely look forward to picking up a copy of their soundtracks.

Now here’s the real question. Do I recommend this series to people? I definitely would recommend this series to people, of course over the age of 18. Or whatever your age of consent is. There are tons of dirty jokes and what not, but even though there’s nothing sexual going on, I think it’ll still be a bad influence among younger children to learn such jokes and get ideas. Kids’ brains are sponges and they’ll take anything in really. So definitely a no to viewers under the age of consent.

The start of this series also shows a lot of views from different clubs of the school, which I look forward to. I have a good feeling that season 2 will focus more around all the characters now, instead of the general main group. So I definitely look forward to what they have in store for all the clubs and new characters in the future.

This will be a 12 episode series, like season 1. If you torrent your own anime, I believe this will be a new episode every Saturday due to the sub and release date being today, Jan. 4th. But that may change due to actual release airing days.


That’s all for today, readers. Let’s all have a great start to Winter season. Until next time!



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