Space Dandy and Witch Craft Works’ first thoughts


Hey there readers, I hope you’re all having a nice relaxing Sunday. With Winter season opening up this week, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot more relaxing now, right? Today, we have Space Dandy and Witch Craft Works which was on my pick up list. Of course Space Dandy aired on Toonami in US before Japan, so I decided to watch both.

But let’s get to how I feel about the series for today.


I was very excited for Space Dandy and I expected no less from Funimation. The animation was amazing, and every character design in-series was unique, and I honestly am speechless about their CG. Now if there’s anyone who I’d expect to overkill a series with amazing animation, it’d be Funimation with all their funding put into the series.

So anyway, onward to my thoughts about the series opening. Now you’ve all probably seen it already, since it aired in US before Japan, unless you decided to wait for the Japan release instead, you should know that the first episode was all over the place. Not in a bad way, but more of how the animation was. Personally I was glad I watched it twice before writing this. The coloring and animation threw me off a few times since it kept jumping around. Aside from the animation, the series seems very promising with the amount of comedy in the first episode. Now for a quick summary, it’s a series about a Dandy in space. Ha! Dandy is apparently an Alien Hunter that has something to say about women’s breasts, and that is that you shouldn’t focus on women’s chest only, but the overall figure. I can agree with that, I suppose. Apparently, Dandy also has some special power, and for a short moment the idea of hunting him down came into scene. So I look forward to the amount of fight scenes this series has. I can’t say much about the story line from just the first episode, but I do think that it’s a series with a different story each episode. But let’s see how it goes at the half way mark of the series.

I definitely recommend checking out Space Dandy, but be ready for the tons crazy cool animation. I’m pretty excited for the next episode since the preview showed Jessie from Team Rocket. I kid, though that character does look like her.


Screen cap relates to Space Dandy and post.


Now let’s talk about Witch Craft Works.

I honestly wasn’t all that interested to begin with, but I thought I’d give the whole ‘witch’ thing a try again. I thought it was basically just another highschool romance comedy with some characters secretly going around with special powers doing stuff and stuff. I was very close. Of course I still decided to watch it. Overall the animation was pretty awesome, of course it doesn’t compare to Space Dandy, or Setokai Yakuidomo, but the CG isn’t backyard done. There really isn’t much to say about this series, since it does seem like it’s just like any other highschool-comedy-romance-magicalpower-andstuff series. But I do have to say, I like the fact that the producers take the whole ‘witch’ feeling and incorporate it into the series. Various other witch based series doesn’t seem to revolve around the general idea of a witch, but more of just another person with a magical broom and some magical powers. Hence why I took a liking to this series. Of course it’s not all witch hunting and all, but it does respect the idea of a witch.

The male protagonist apparently is a princess, and a master. So expect some explanation to that sometime in the next few episodes. And he is to be protected by the female protagonist, who apparently is some super rad fire witch. Of course I don’t provide names since it would be a lot of re-reading, but I should probably start doing that. Anyway, aside from that, his whole life just flips around when the girl who doesn’t talk to him in the least bit and is the star of the whole school suddenly starts getting magicool around him and protects him from raging robotic rabbit knights. Sounds just like any other awesome highschool life. There seems to be some romance between the two, but aside from that I do like where this is going with all their magicool action.

vlcsnap-2014-01-05-19h49m53s10 vlcsnap-2014-01-05-19h50m08s174 vlcsnap-2014-01-05-19h50m14s230

That’s some fantastic wiener work there.

Anyway, I’d have to say, this series does seem promising since there are quite a few characters in the series that all seem to be related in some way. I really look forward to all the other witches being introduced into the series, since I do like how there is one specific element one. Overall, I do recommend this series to people who are looking for something to fill up their week with. Thought it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I did enjoy the start of this series, along side with Space Dandy.

That’s all for tonight, readers. I do hope to get my PC rig up and about soon so I can start doing videos instead of typing all of this. So until then!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me also! Until next time!




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