Aldnoah.Zero ; Summer season’s most CG heavy series?!


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Tonight, I’ll be sharing my first thoughts on the first few episodes of Aldnoah,Zero, a series I was highly anticipating since last season.


First off, let me tell you this. These screenshots will not do any justice on the work on this series. Though I have no clue about any history on this series whatsoever. I’m not even sure if there’s a visual novel or not. I’d like to dig around, but I’d like to share my thoughts about the series before I do so.


So we’re about 3 weeks, maybe 1 month into Summer season, depending how you’d like to count it. I usually start with the first episode of any series on my pick-up list. So it’s 3 weeks for me, I believe. Or something like that. Whatever, we get the point. And we’re currently on episode 3 of Aldnoah.Zero.


 Brief series introduction :

In 1972, a hypergate was discovered on the surface of the moon, and humanity began migrating to Mars and settling there. However, eventually the seeds of war were sown.



When I started the series, I wasn’t expecting much out of it. It sounded like any other mecha series with aliens and what not. But I’d have to give A-1 Pictures, a round of applause. Because the CG on this series is just simply amazing. I’m shocked that there’s so much detailed put into the surroundings and scenery. I was left in awe after the first few minutes of the first episode.



Now, I thought it was only just the opening of the episode that was detailed. But as I watched through the rest of the episode, I came to conclusion that they focused more on scenery and background details over character details, which has caught my full attention.


So moving on, besides the amazing CG work of Aldnoah,Zero, the lighting work is simply gorgeous and amazing also. Here are a few screenshots that I personally think is self explanatory





I mean, look at the detail put into this over view shot


It is simply amazing


It definitely has been a while since I’ve seen work this detailed for a series. So hopefully, it will continue to be this way onward till the end.



Putting the animation aside for this series, the storyline so far seems promising. Sure it’s just another mecha series, fighting with other giant mecha, and doing mecha things, but surprisingly, I feel like there is a ton of back story to this series, that hopefully will be shown and told of through out the season. I won’t get into detail of the first few episodes of what goes on and what’s happening at the moment, because I highly recommend you this series if you have any interest whatsoever in CG work, or mechas.



The story also seems to be progressing very well, seeing how both the cause and effect of the current situation happened during the first episode, and the action that was taken right at the end. Though it seems rushed, I found it to be well enough for my personal tastes. There wasn’t any filler information through the sequence of the scenario, at the same time, there wasn’t an overload of information, where you can foreshadow the whole series.


In conclusion, I do hope this series continues with amazing progress in story and amazing work in the animation. It would break my heart to see it fall apart like Tokyo Ravens.



Thanks for reading, readers and good-doers!

Until next time,



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